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About Golden Moments Estate

One of Solano County's best kept secrets, Golden Moments Estate provides a beautiful backdrop for any occasion and is certain to provide a place to make Golden Memories for years to come!

Located west of Winters, California and down a country lane, Golden Moments Estate is a private and peaceful place with nature all around.

What began as a family farm, Golden Moments Estate over the course of time, has evolved into a beautiful lush landscape. An abundance of fruit and nut trees of almost every type and variety are grown here and are available for purchase.

It has been described as a little slice of Heaven... Pictures are nice to view but it is best experienced. We would love to show you around...

quiet retreat grape photo
 picket garden fence old datsun ranch  truck fruit trees flowers

The Small Details

So many options! The farm has many "corners" to it that are unique in themselves; unexpected delights! 


Golden Moments Estate, and owners, Rhonda and Mike especially, are excited to be able to offer you a beautiful venue for one of the most important days of your life! We have knowledge and experience and understand how to apply this for the best possible experience. We are here if you need us for information. 

You may have questions if you have never done this before. In anticipation of some of those questions- even if you are experienced- you will need information to make your decisions so, we have put together a Frequently Asked Questions publication for you. We've made it in two formats- PDF and jpg. This web site doesn't allow for PDF so you will have to request it in an email. Below is our contact information. It is posted here in jpg format for your convenience. It is by no means written in concrete and we certainly will do all we can to accommodate your needs and desires. It is a place to begin... feel free to ask questions!

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