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Fresh Seasonal Produce 

We want you healthy! What better way than to eat farm fresh produce! 

Please check back or call  to inquire when we anticipate produce to be available.

Citrus Fruits

Ready Now!


Ripe Citrus!

We've been testing the citrus for optimum taste every few days. We are excited to say- "They're ready!"

Custom Service:

 Golden Moments Estate is known for it's "custom service". You don't pay more and you get same day fresh picked!

How this works:

We make it simple- Just tell us what you want, we'll pick it fresh, and you can pick it up or we can deliver locally- Winters, Vacaville. 

Improved Meyer Lemon-3 for $1

Tangelo Mandarine- 3 for $1

Clementine- 3 for $1

Winter is Citrus Season in California!

We've been watching and waiting for the optimum flavor of the different varieties of citrus for picking at Golden Moments Estate. Some are ready to go! Lemons! We have Meyer Lemons galore!

The tangelos are coming on slowly- should be optimum in another week.

Oranges seem to be taking their sweet time. (pun intended) We have Washington Navel, Valencia, Blood oranges. Watch for the announcement.

Many clementine's and mandarins are coming on- many varieties of each- should be ready in another week.

We've been busy all summer, planning for a fall planting which we accomplished in the nick of time before the rains began, of a new citrus grove! We planted lemon, lime, navel and juice oranges as well as grapefruit. These trees are already four to six years old and are producing so there is no waiting for crop. We'll have them ready for you soon!

Farm Fresh Apples!!!


Golden Moments Estate's Golden Delicious apples are crispy, crunchy, juicy sweet! Nothing can compare to farm fresh goodness! Golden Moments farms with NO pesticides and NO harmful chemicals.

Golden Moments Estates is pleased that Tia Judith chose their apples to create Tia Judith's GOURMET Golden Delicious Caramel Apples! Tia Judith is a Gold, Silver and Bronze award winning Pastry Chef. Her palette is exacting and over the top! She uses only the finest ingredients. Discover her today!

Available for purchase now- Plain Caramel or with toppings as follows:

Walnut, Pecan, Silver Sprinkles, Rainbow Sprinkles, Blue and White Sprinkles. Also available for special order in your favorite football team colors, school colors or wedding, bridal or baby shower colors or for any special occasion! Order Tia Judith's Gourmet Golden Delicious Caramel Apples today from Tia Judith Healey. We do not ship.  $7.00 each or bakers dozen discount!

Farm fresh Apples fresh off the tree are also available for purchase at our Golden Moments Estate Farm Stand. Please call or text ahead- 707.246.4663

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