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Golden Moments Estate

Welcome to our portfolio. Here you’ll find a selection of our work. Explore our projects to learn more about what we do.

Wine and Food Pairing

A Wine and food pairing is a fun way to experience Golden Moments Estate. This particular wine and food pairing was with a private group. The theme was "casual, fun, unexpected". Well that's easy! Rustic wooden table, mix and match china, painting and vinyl! Nailed it!

TAble decor with flowers in a vase, sliver servng dish, crustal bowl provides an elegant table from which to serve food and beverages

Design Insights: People are visual. The manner in which you choose to display your food can be visual art that enhances the experience all the more. There are design principles to follow. Here we have height with the flowers that also serves to establish the color palette. Keeping everything within scale of each other is important to pay attention to. The silver ads a reflective element and crystal always brings in light and elegance. Knowing how to apply these tools and others makes all the difference in your presentation.

humanitas record player 3_edited.jpg
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Enchanted Forest Theme Wedding

Christa and Jason wanted a barnyard wedding complete with a dance floor inside the barn but they wanted an Enchanted Forest theme. They got both in an interesting way. Both were professional horse trainers by profession so this venue actually fit them well. "Nothing too fancy but still very nice". The wedding ceremony took place in a circle where a round pen training arena once stood but now was landscaped and surrounded by trees in a circular fashion. The wooden chairs were set up in a half circle format with a central location on the outter edge for the place where the marriage vows were exchanged. The space handled the 150 guests present with ease. Dinner was provided in a self serve fashion adjacent to the arena area, with the food served on a stack of hay for a table base. The line ran alongside a corral that once held foals, now planted in grapes and cherry trees. The reception was held in the barnyard with rectangle tables laid out under the stars. Lights were strung in the trees. There was a bar area that was fashioned from an old wooden stall gate as the bar using saddles as bar stools mounted on log saddle stands. An antique wooden wagon was used to hold the gifts and Texas long horn steer horns were hung up over the guest book welcome area giving a nod to the groom who hailed from Texas and who also grew up on a cattle feed lot ranch. An antique typewriter had a note to guests in it as a welcome as a nod to the bride's grandmother who was a famous author of over 70 published books and who spent most of her life behind a typewriter- something the bride aspired to herself. The brides favorite books were used as an accent for the guest book display table between two horse head bookends. The couple had a morning routine of joinging other local farmers at the local coffee shop each morning before starting their day where they solved all the world's problems. An antique kitchen hutch was used to hold mix-matched china coffee cups and saucers and as a coffee bar. The bride loved to garden- their favors were the peat potted flowers that adorned the tables as a part of the table floral decor. All the decor had a double meaning and made for an entertaining experience for the guests who knew these things about the bride and groom. The wedding was intimate in this sense as they chose to share who they both were as individuals and who they were becoming together. Who thinks of this stuff?! Apparently I do. Look at the photos and you will see how well it all came together. Paying attention to detail is what makes an event a huge success- those subtle personal ("nods") things all add up to somthing amazing!

Design Insights: The farm style wooden tables provided an appropriate base from which to build a reception area. Green moss is something one would find in a forest. It was used as table runners. Books were used as a base for the square floating votive candle holders that were filled with water, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries. Twig baskets were filled with a deep color palette of flowers and fruit. Grapes, apples, pears and citrus with a variety of flowers. Wrought iron candelabras were ideal for the enchanted forest feel. Multi colored goblets brought more color to the table decor. Crystal water decanters brought light and a touch of elegance. Mixmatched china always provides a casual elegance.

Intimate Christmas party

Rustic simplicity with a touch of unexpected class was the theme for this private Christmas party at Golden Moments Estate.

Design Insights: A simple strand of cranberries twisted with lights provided just enough color with light for a romantic environment once the sun went down. Votive candle light sprinkled about the table decor provided just the right amount of additional lighting. The fantastic old wooden table top immediately set the tone. No placemats connects the settings right into the wood. The wood IS the placemat. Texture! A sprig of rosemary for a scented element tied with rustic jute to a neatly folded napkin. Mix and match china also lends to a casual elegance. It's a nice contrast to the rustic texture. A beautiful setting, add a cow for atmosphere and there you go!


Golden Moments Estate was the location for this memorable Thanksgiving dinner. "Formal with just a touch of comfort".

Design Insights: Fall colors were used for a beautiful Thanksgiving dinner table decor in the linen napkins, glassware and the centerpiece. Jute wrapped around the napkins always brings that natural element which immediately creates a less formal feeling. A sprig of rosemary provides frangrance and brings a sense of "earthiness". A message place setting card converys a sentiment to ponder. (after all it IS Thanksgiving) Gold accents are always a luxury item which conveys a formal essence. Antique stemware communicates this is a special occasion. A damask table cloth for a beautiful base, matching china for elegance, colored candles (that match the napkins is repticious which the eye likes - repetition is always good) provide for warmth and light, walnuts with sprig of greenery atop a twig runner bring it all back to earth... Truly a masterpiece table decor!

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