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A Beautiful Place To Be...

Updated: Jun 10, 2023

Tiny pink roses backed by purple agapanthus almost ready to break into bloom with soft sage green Lambs Ear lapping at their base... Summer has arrived! I just noticed in this photo there is a peacock perched atop a fence in the distance just above the agapanthus silhouetted by the sky. There is always something magical and "extra" to discover at Golden Moments Estate! Everywhere I look something "more"!

See what I mean- There's the agapanthus blooms ready to pop and as I spin around someone is following me... That's NBC- our resident peacock- we have about 45 resident NBC's. (Can you guess why we call them "NBC"? NBC's emblem used to be a peacock. It's a joke. My husband's dry sense of humor there...) Purple clematis climbs a Don Juan rose trellis, preceded by Kawakami Flowering Pear Trees and Simplicity Roses along the gravel. Did you notice the two hammocks strategically placed between the trees? See what I mean- everywhere you look there is more...

New fence boards wait for paint. NBC with his pea hen perch watching the goings on... There's that purple clematis and Don Juan Roses again. The beauty of those colorful tail feathers and the brilliant royal blue neck are stunning against a natural backdrop.

How in the world did NBC walk on top of that hedge without falling through- its a mystery. Just another entertaining thing as I walk along...

Now how adorable is that!? Baby peachicks playing in the sprinkler.

Normally there are about 25 peacocks, peahens and peachicks cooling themselves on the shaded lush lawn.

It's quiet here with the exception of a peacock calling out every once in awhile... Where's that hammock again?

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