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Golden Moments

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

Welcome to Golden Moments Estate located in Northern Solano County near Winters, California!

Golden Moments Estate is our private residence. We farm on 20 acres. Over the course of the 35 years we have resided here we have continued to enjoy developing the land. Through the years we have entertained large and small groups and people have filtered in and out for whatever reason that brought them to the farm. I am a retired horse breeder and we used to host spring "Open Barn" to showcase the new foals and to promote our stallions. Our daughter was a horse trainer who hosted upwards to 50 clinics here. We have always heard, "It is so peaceful here!" "This is a slice of Heaven!" "Do you do weddings?" ...and so on. We desire to share this special place... with whomever wants to experience it. Decades ago we called the farm "Golden Moments" because those are those special times in a life that "stick". And we were well aware of the goodness that had come into our lives. It's not perfect. There is still a sense of "country" or "natural" throughout the farm and we are forever developing it, changing something... I just put in 119 citrus trees and come fall we will be putting in another 60, Lord willing. Next week we are installing 18 peach trees in a section we just cleared. My roses are needing some attention, a few need replacing and my flower beds need some new color... it never ends but we enjoy that constant creating.

A couple of weeks ago we held a gathering in celebration of my mother's life on "the big lawn". The shade from the trees, the late afternoon golden rays of sunlight fell across the landscape, a slight breeze filled the air... laughter, sharing precious time together... there was just something beautiful about it all and that's when we looked at each other and said, "It's time." We have held three weddings with receptions here and another wedding reception celebration, several food and wine pairing groups, numerous other types of gatherings as mentioned- we are well practiced. We are still "feeling out" what people are wanting/needing but we think we have a right combination of talent and connections to bring something very unique and special to people. We don't prepare food but we can have something catered. (And catered can be for four or forty)

Formal, casual, whatever is wanted, we want a time spent here to be as individual and unique as the people so we incorporate personal interests, likes, loves.

If you want a picnic we can do that. If you want candle light, we can do that too. If you want a candlelight picnic that's doable. We have a barn that has been converted now into a space with concrete floors to dine or dance in.

We have a gravel area with a picnic table and nearby is a bar and a pretty lawn area.

We have music connections live and vinyl, all genres.

We've hosted painting on canvas with dinner... (Which everyone really seemed to enjoy- even those who have never painted)

So, check us out, see what you think. Perhaps there is a Golden Moment awaiting you here too.

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